Sciatica and Leg Pain

Causes and Symptoms

Lower back problems like lumbar herniated disc, degernetive disc disease, or spinal stenosis can cause sciatica symptoms. These symptoms include:

  • Constant pain on only one side of the leg or buttock
  • Pain worse when sitting
  • Burning, tingling or searing leg pain
  • weakness, numbness or difficulty moving the leg, foot or toes
  • Difficulty walking or standing due to sharp pain
  • Radiating pain down the leg into the foot and toes

These treatment plans will be determined based on individual needs.

A chiropractic treatment plan for Sciatica may include treatments such as:

  • Ice/cold therapies
  • Electric muscle stimulation
  • Spinal adjustments

Leg pain may be due to a number of different reasons. Some of the symptoms of leg pain may be

  • Burning pain
  • Numbness or tingling
  • Weakness or heaviness in the legs or feet
  • Constant pain in the legs or buttocks
  • Positional leg pain which occurs when you are sitting, standing or walking

Chiropractic care may benefit you if you are feeling any of these symptoms. Contact Spruce Chiropractic Health Center and schedule an appointment today!